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I began studying fine art at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio and later, the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. I've recently retired as a professional graphic artist, but have always loved painting and have created, sold and exhibited for over 40 years.  Throughout this time, I have experimented and worked in most mediums, but I always come back to pastel.  I find it gives me the ability to incorporate the linear  quality of drawing while keeping the creative/expressive/fluid aspect of painting. Eventually, I found my way to black, sanded paper and soft pastels and discovered




the vibrant, intensity this medium and surface has to offer.  As predominately a landscape artist, I draw inspiration from my personal surroundings and places I have traveled to.  My focus is to capture the beauty and richness of color seen in nature and add something more. I currently reside in Romeo, Michigan where i live with my lovely wife Sheri and our mini Dachshund Gertie.


Although I work from my own original photographs, I am always willing to work with someone if they have an image they would like me to interpret.  Please visit my contact page to inquire about commissioned requests, artwork availability and pricing.  Thanks for your interest.

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